The Pioneer Years

GREENLEAF is a local brand founded by Mr Ong in 2008 at Kuching, Sarawak, East Malaysia. The company started by manufacturing its first concentrated beverage – Green Tea. The satisfying feedbacks from the consumers that time had aspired the founder to manufacture more products. Several concentrated beverages were then commercialised within a year. The company improves the quality of its products from time to time in order to satisfy its consumer. Hence, within a short period, all these beverages have gained popularity among the consumers, not only locally but throughout Malaysia. In 2009, the company moved to a new premise at 5th Mile due to the high demand of its products in the market. In order to accommodate the demands, the factory is equipped with new technology machineries that also ensure the hygiene of the products along the production line. In 2015, Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) has awarded the company HALAL certificate. All these 35 HALAL certified beverages have therefore not only gained better reputation, but also the confidence of the consumers. This is to prove that GREENLEAF always demand high quality assurance standards on the beverages manufactured. Our Taste, Our Quality!

The Chronological of GREENLEAF products

Green Tea, Chrysanthenum, Herbal Tea, Peppermint Tea, Wheat Grass, Winter Melon Tea, Barley Juice, Honey Chrysanthenum, Teh C Special Pandan, and Teh C Special Apong.

Fibre Pandan, Fibre Rose, Fibre Jasmine Green Tea.

Fibre Lychee, Fibre Jasmine Lychee.

“Lu Lu Tong” Apple Ginger Cider.

The Highlights

Teh C Special

Teh C Special or also known as 3 layer tea is one of the local favourite drinks that can be found in almost all the eatery outlets in Sarawak. GREENLEAF has manufactured its very own concentrated Teh C Special. The product has ventured into other states in Malaysia. The mind blowing taste has gained popularity purely by word of mouth within a short period. There are variety ways of making Teh C Special and the coffee shops often have their own creativity in presenting the tea. Now, you can find GREENLEAF Teh C Special in most of the eatery outlets as it has gone mainstream throughout Malaysia.

“Lu Lu Tong” Apple Ginger Cider

In year 2016, GREENLEAF has a new product to promote health and wellness awareness towards the society --“Lu Lu Tong”. It is the first helpful health vinegar manufactured by GREENLEAF, and it will be the most popular vinegar in the natural health community as it is without preservatives, and artificial colourings and flavorings. It appears to be as natural and chemical-free. The benefits of consuming “Lu Lu Tong” Apple Ginger Cider are as shown below, which some of them are supported by scientific research.


For the Future

Interested and committed parties are welcome to be part of GREENLEAF as an agent or distributor. The company has always focus on long-term potential more than short-term performance. GREENLEAF will continue to grow, expand, introduce new products, and improve the exciting ones.